OptiSurface Designer Import and Export Format

Last Updated: 06 August 2014          For: OptiSurface Designer V1.4 and higher

OptiSurface Designer can import survey files as:
  • Trimble Field Level Survey as *.txt
  • AGPS Survey File (Lat, Long, Elev, Code) as *.ags 
  • John Deere APEX Export as *.csv
  • Generic Survey File (Pt, x, y, z, desc) as *.xyz
and export machine control file as:
  • AGPS Design File as *.agd (needs latest version of AGPS Dirt)
  • Trimble AgGPS Field Level as *.gps
Some import file formats are not compatible with some export file formats; i.e.multiplane.txt from Trimble should only be exported to .gps file.

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