2.3 Topographic Surface Properties Dialog

Last Updated: 23 September 2015          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.4

  Allows you to change the appearance of the surface including the display of points and labels.

Displayed by:

For Adjusting Existing Topography:

For Adjusting Proposed Topography:


Tick boxes:  Generally defines if the item is displayed in the Maps Window.

Marker / Labels Size:
Generally defines the size of the point markers and text labels.

Show Surface / Breakline: Tick box ‘ON’ or ‘ticked’ will show the surface or breakline.

Wire Frame: Tick box ‘ON’ or ‘ticked’ will show the triangular wireframe that makes up the surface.

Contours:  Tick box ‘ON’ or ‘ticked’ will show the contour lines that makes up the surface.

  Adjust the shading of the surface.

Defines the percent transparency of the surface to allow items underneath to be seen. Generally, 20% is suitable. (eg boundary line or point labels).

Edit Legend:  Adjust the legend to show more or less detail as required.  Double click on the Legend in the Map Window to edit Legend properties.

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