3.1 File Menu

Last Updated: 23 September 2015          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.4

Overview:  File Menu shows the file related functions of OptiSurface Designer.

Displayed By:  Click File on the Menu.


Open... Opens an Existing OptiSurface Designer project file (*.osd) or open a survey file and import it to a new OptiSurface Designer project file.
Save Saves the Existing OptiSurface Designer project file.  If it has not been saved before, a save dialog box will ask where to save it.
Save As... Saves the Existing OptiSurface Designer project file, prompting the save dialog box and asking to name the file and choose a save location.
Import Topography... Import a field topography survey data file.  A dialog box will ask for file location.  Multiple surveys can be imported into the same OptiSurface Designer project as long as they are imported before any calculations are carried out.
Import Image... Import background image file into OptiSurface Designer project.  A dialog box will ask which file to import and where it is located.
Export Landform Design... Export the current design surface to a file so it can be uploaded to machine control hardware.
Export Image... Export the current image displayed in the Map Window to a file for display in Google Earth or other mapping software.
Export to OptiSurface Cloud...
Export the Design Report to OptiSurface Cloud for consultants to share their design with their clients online.  Click here for more information.
Print... Print current scene view.
Print Preview Review the current scene view as a print out.
Print Setup... Review printing options such as printer, paper size, quality, etc.
Recent Files Displays recent projects to access easily.
Exit Exits or closes OptiSurface Designer.  A dialog box will appear asking to save the project before continuing to close.

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