3.4.3 Topography (Existing and Proposed)

Last Updated: 01 October 2015          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.4

  Allows editing or modifying the topographic surface by manually adding, deleting or editing points and breaklines.

Displayed by:  Tools > Existing Topography or Tools > Existing Topography


For Existing Topography:


For Proposed Topography:

Retriangulate the selected surface with or without breaklines. Used if triangulation length is changed or when modifying the surface with breaklines.  Retriangulate without breaklines is used when 'Batter Breakline' operation is used to create the reference surface for the batters. Once batters are generated, it can now be Retriangulated with breaklines to complete the surface.
Edit PointsDouble click a point to show point coordinates, which can be modified.  Right click point to show more options such as Delete Point or Insert Point.
Edit Points (Polygon Select)
Shift the selected points by a defined distance.  Left click to draw the polygon and double click to close the polygon, then a dialog will appear asking for the shift distance (Easting, Northing or Elevation).
Window Delete
Left click and drag a window to delete all points inside the defined window.
Polygon Delete
Left click to draw the polygon and double click to close the polygon.  All points inside the polygon will be deleted.
Add Breakline
Draw a breakline; left click and double click to end the breakline.  Click here for more information.
Extend Surface
Extends the boundary of the surface with a given distance.

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