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  1. 1 Introduction

  2. 1 Introduction

  3. 2 Getting to Know OptiSurface Designer

  4. 2 Getting to Know OptiSurface Designer

  5. 2.1 Tool Bars

  6. 2.1 Tool Bars

  7. 2.2 Navigating in OptiSurface Designer

  8. 2.2 Navigating In OptiSurface Designer

  9. 2.3 Auto-BackUp Files

  10. 2.3 Auto-BackUp Files

  11. 3 Menus

  12. 3 User Input Dialog Boxes

  13. 3.1 File Menu

  14. 3.1 Project Properties

  15. 3.1.1 Image Drape

  16. 3.1.2 OptiSurface Cloud

  17. 3.1.3 Survey File Fomats Accepted

  18. 3.2 Edit Menu

  19. 3.2 Landform Design Parameters

  20. 3.3 View Menu

  21. 3.3 Design Zone Properties

  22. 3.4 Tools Menu

  23. 3.4 Drainage Analysis

  24. 3.4.1 Project Properties

  25. 3.4.10 Contour Bank Design

  26. 3.4.11 OptiSubsurface Design

  27. 3.4.12 Recalculate Cut/Fill

  28. 3.4.13 Storage Volume

  29. 3.4.14 Profile

  30. 3.4.15 Breaklines

  31. Batter Breakline

  32. Design Breakline (OptiLine)

  33. 3.4.16 Drawings

  34. 3.4.17 Options

  35. 3.4.2 Background

  36. 3.4.3 Topography (Existing and Proposed)

  37. 3.4.4 Drainage Analysis

  38. 3.4.5 Runoff Analysis

  39. 3.4.6 Furrow Irrigation Optimization (OptiIrrigate)

  40. 3.4.7 Landform Design

  41. OptiSurface 1Way

  42. OptiSurface 2Way

  43. OptiSurface 4Way

  44. OptiSurface Circle

  45. 3.4.8 OptiLevee Design

  46. 3.4.9 OptiDitch Design

  47. 3.5 Help Menu

  48. 3.5 Runoff Analysis

  49. 3.5.1 Purchasing Credits

  50. 3.5.2 Activating Licenses and Credits

  51. 3.5.3 Reviewing Current License and Credit Status/Balance

  52. 3.5.4 Transfer Credits Off A Computer

  53. 3.6 Topographic Surface Properties Dialog

  54. 3.7 Options Dialog

  55. 4 Troubleshooting

  56. 4 Troubleshooting

  57. 5 Surface Drainage Theory

  58. 5 Surface Drainage Theory

  59. 800ha OptiSurfaced for Lateral Move and Drip Irrigation

  60. 900 Acres: Cut that large survey down.

  61. Acceptable Minimum Slopes

  62. Accuracy of RTK and RTX GPS

  63. Activating OptiSurface Designer and Firewall Parameters

  64. Activating OSDv2.2 with New Credits

  65. Adding A Master Benchmark

  66. Adjust the Bands in the Legend

  67. Alignment of Furrow/Bed Direction with OptiSurface Design Mainslope Direction

  68. Auto-Backup Files

  69. Balancing Earthworks in the Field

  70. Base Station and Line of Sight with the Scrapers

  71. Base Station Mobility

  72. Base Unit Distance with GPS Receivers On Scrappers

  73. Basic Optimum Surface Landform Design Procedure

  74. Belize Sugarcane Farm Development with OptiSurface

  75. Big Difference in Elevation shown in FmX

  76. Cabbage Farm Enhanced with OptiSurface

  77. Calculation Grid Spacing and Export Grid Spacing

  78. Can Drone Or LIDAR Surveys be used with OptiSurface?

  79. Can I Buy OptiSurface Designer Outright?

  80. Can I purchase more OptiSurface Credits at any time?

  81. Can I Survey with a GPS System on an ATV?

  82. Can I View DTM/Topography In Plan View Or 3D Type View When Doing A Design?

  83. Can OptiSurface handle curved rows in Drainage Analysis & Runoff Analysis?

  84. Can You Import Data Directly From GPS System?

  85. Cannot Access OptiSurface Designer

  86. Cannot Calculate with OSDv2.5

  87. Computer Change: How to Transfer Credits?

  88. Computer Only Running at 30% of the CPU Capacity

  89. Computer Operating Systems

  90. Connecting Pot Holes to Drains

  91. Consultant Testimonials

  92. Contractor Testimonials

  93. Converting Latitude/Longitude to Easting/Northing

  94. Coordinate System Differences with Different GPS Systems

  95. Credit Charge for New XYZ File

  96. Credit Charged Twice for the Same Field

  97. Dealer Testimonials

  98. Delete Points In The Topography: Window Delete and Polygon Delete

  99. Delete TIN Lines When A DTM Is Created

  100. Design for a 1000-Ha Field

  101. Designing a Field in Sections

  102. Designs Generated with OptiSurface Designer

  103. DGPS Post Treating System with 5cm Precision For Landforming

  104. Difference Between Breaklines And Subzones

  105. Difference Between OptiSurface Designer Software and the Trimble and Deere Solutions

  106. Different Row Slope Directions In One Field

  107. Displaying Secondary Benchmarks

  108. Does A Normal UTM Zone Coordinate Need To Be Trimmed To x Digits?

  109. Does OptiSurface allow for multiple grade breaks per design, taildrains roads, pads etc?

  110. Dongle Or Licensing System

  111. Downloading Maps to the Equipment / Machine

  112. Drainage Analysis and Landforming for Vegetable Production in New Zealand

  113. Drainage Design Solutions of Different Topographies

  114. Draining Surface Water Using OptiSurface Designer

  115. Earthworks Conversion Chart (Metric to Imperial) & Planar/OptiSurface Comparison

  116. Editing Points

  117. Effects of Topsoil Removal and Redistribution on Irrigated Crop Production

  118. Erosion Control Banks & Waterway

  119. Error 5013: Activation Failed

  120. Error 5022: System Clock Invalid

  121. Error 9103: Exception Code 8 - Licence Validation Failed

  122. Error Code 2: OSD Activation Failed

  123. Error Code: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

  124. Error Codes for Licenses

  125. Error R6030: CR7 Not initialized

  126. Example 10: Canadian Special

  127. Example 11: Sweet Furrow

  128. Example 12: Berry Nice

  129. Example 13: Singhing About It

  130. Example 1: Sugarland with OptiSurface1D

  131. Example 2: Smooth Curves with OptiSurface1D

  132. Example 3: African Pivot with OptiSurface2D

  133. Example 4: To Ditch or Not to Ditch using OptiSurface 4D

  134. Example 5: Lay of the Land with OptiSurface 4D

  135. Example 6: Arkansas Levees

  136. Example 7: Keytah Dryland

  137. Example 8: Midwest Classic

  138. Example 9: Moonie Moonscape

  139. Export Options for Data Layers

  140. Export Plane Design Not Working

  141. Export Proposed Topography to AutoCAD

  142. Export To Field Level .gps File From UTM Coordinate System

  143. Exporting an Image and Importing into APEX

  144. Exporting Data Out Of MyJohnDeere

  145. Exporting John Deere GreenStar Machine Data for OptiSurface

  146. Exporting Survey from TopCon AgForm3D for OptiSurface Import

  147. Exporting to Trimble FMX Field Level

  148. Failed to Write File Error

  149. Farmer Testimonials

  150. File Cannot Be Opened From USB/Network Devices

  151. French Manual for OptiSurface Designer

  152. Getting Rid with Undesirable Indicator

  153. Getting the Information to the GPS Units on the Scrapers in the Field

  154. GPS Accuracy Affected by Solar Activities

  155. GPS Base Station Setup For Best Vertical Accuracy

  156. GPS Coordinate System Check

  157. GPS Not Working For OptiSurface Cloud

  158. Grade Of Best Fit And Splitting The Field Into Boundaries

  159. Hardware List Providing the Best Service and Getting the Most out of OptiSurface Designer

  160. How Do I Get Started with OptiSurface Designer?

  161. How Easy is OptiSurface to Use for the Average Farmer?

  162. How Long Can I Use OptiSurface Designer?

  163. How Often Does The Earthworks Need To Be Done?

  164. How to Check Your OptiSurface Webstore Credit Count

  165. How to Check Your System Specification

  166. How to Survey a Field for Landforming Design

  167. How to Survey with Trimble FMX

  168. How To Use OptiSurface Designer With John Deere iGrade Plane Control

  169. Implementing Designs for the Field

  170. Import Error for xyz File Due to Encoding Format

  171. Import Two or More Survey Files to Reach Minimum Area

  172. Importing Multiple Survey Files to OSD

  173. Importing Survey Topography

  174. Importing Survey with File Name Including Special Characters

  175. Importing the gps File to Trimble FMX or FM-1000

  176. Incorrect Area in OptiSurface

  177. Introduction to OptiSurface Landforming

  178. Irrigation Analysis Setup Troubleshooting

  179. Is Cellular RTK Networks Accurate Enough for GPS Landforming?

  180. Is GPS Accurate Compared to Laser?

  181. Is OptiSurface Compatible with John Deere?

  182. Issues with French Language on Windows

  183. Joining multiplane.txt From Different Fields

  184. Landform Design Slopes and Smoothing

  185. Latest OptiSurface News Is On Twitter

  186. Legend Way Off Screen

  187. Loading .gps File in FMX

  188. Matching Trimble FMX to Support Control Grid Rotation

  189. Measuring Culvert Invert Level

  190. Minimum Area and Operation Cost of a Field

  191. Minimum Recommended Smoothing Distance For Export To Trimble Field Level 2

  192. Moving the Benchmark to Align with the Field with Trimble FM-1000 or FMX

  193. Navigation in with the User Interface

  194. No Master Benchmark on Imported Survey File

  195. North-East is on the Left Down Corner Instead of Right Up Corner

  196. Not Seeing the .gps File on Trimble FMX

  197. NRCS SCS Engineering Field Handbook

  198. One Base Station with Multiple Scrapers

  199. One or Two Scrapers

  200. OptiSurface and Auto-steer GPS: Key to Cost-Effective Erosion Control

  201. OptiSurface Cloud Link Not Working

  202. OptiSurface Designer and John Deere's APEX

  203. OptiSurface Designer Freezes On Importing a Survey

  204. OptiSurface Designer Import and Export Format

  205. OptiSurface Designer on Apple Computer

  206. OptiSurface Designer on Multiple Monitors or Display

  207. OptiSurface Designer on Windows 10

  208. OptiSurface Designer Release Notes

  209. OptiSurface Designer System Requirements

  210. OptiSurface In Press

  211. OptiSurface In Press: "Drainage Contractor"

  212. OptiSurface in Press: "Landwise Inc. - Integrated Stormwater Management"

  213. OptiSurface in Press: "Landwise Inc. - Mapping and Drainage Analysis"

  214. OptiSurface in Press: "Queensland Country Life"

  215. OptiSurface in Press: - OptiSurface, revolutionary field drainage software

  216. OptiSurface in Press: Brownfield AgNews - The Benefits of Reshaping Fields

  217. OptiSurface in Press: Farm Forum Magazine

  218. OptiSurface in Press: - GPS Landforming - Precision Agriculture's New Frontier?

  219. OptiSurface in Press: Landwise Inc. - Levelling with AGPSInc Dirt Pro

  220. OptiSurface In Press: OptiSurface User Nev Boland Shares Some Tips

  221. OptiSurface In Press: OptiSurface User Wade Bidstrup Shares His Experience

  222. OptiSurface in Press: PrecisionAg Buyer's Guide - How to Improve Farm Profit With GPS Landforming

  223. OptiSurface in Press: Using RTK Steering Data for Soil Erosion Control and Water Logging Prevention

  224. OptiSurface Incab Activation Steps

  225. OptiSurface Used to Improve Potato Production in Finland

  226. OptiSurface4D: Bounded By Ridges

  227. OSD Window Turns Black

  228. OSEng.dll Getting Quarantined by Anti-Virus

  229. Payments of Fields on OptiSurface Designer

  230. Print & Print Preview Not Working

  231. Print Size

  232. Printing the Maps

  233. Profile Line Not Working

  234. Proposed Topo and Cut Fill Isolines Don't Turn Off

  235. Purchasing New Credits to Unlock a Design

  236. Recent Knowledgebase Updates List

  237. Resolve OptiSurface Designer Graphical Issues or Crashing

  238. Reverse Grades to Main Slope

  239. Runoff Analysis

  240. Runoff vs Slope

  241. Settlement In Low Spots That Were Filled

  242. Showing Elevation Figures in Cut/Fill Map

  243. Slight Shift in Google Background Image

  244. Smoothing Distance

  245. Software License and Workstations / Machines

  246. Speed Up the Display Graphics (eg Zooming and Panning)

  247. Standard NMEA GPGGA txt File to Import into OptiSurface Designer

  248. Step-By-Step Drainage Analysis Procedure

  249. Step-By-Step Runoff Analysis Procedure

  250. Subzones Settings Over Ride Boundary Zone Settings

  251. Surface Irrigation Designs with Variable Slope

  252. Survey Exported from AMW/AGPS System Hundreds of Miles from Real Location

  253. Surveying a 1000-Ha Field

  254. Surveying With Any GPS Equipment and Exporting to a gps file for the Trimble FMX

  255. The Benefits by Using OptiSurface Design Software

  256. The Disadvantage of Practicing Multiple Grade Designs

  257. Third Party Software Acknowledgements

  258. Training Topics

  259. Transferring the License to Another Computer

  260. Trimble Field Level II Do Not Show the .gps File

  261. Trimble FmX says "Too Far from Points"

  262. Trimble FMX User Guide

  263. Two Legends Visible

  264. Unable to Execute File; Code 14001

  265. Using an Old OSD File versus a New Survey

  266. Using the Lay of the Land to Let Water Drain From A Field

  267. Valley Subzone Not Behaving as Expected

  268. Virtual Reference Station (VRS) for OptiSurface Landform

  269. Water Control Structures

  270. What is an OptiSurface Credit?

  271. What Machine Control Hardware is OptiSurface Designer Compatible With?

  272. Why You Don't Want Ditches in Your Field...

  273. Working with OptiSurface and Topcon

  274. Would It Be Possible That The Numbers In The Boundary Zone Appear In The New Subzone Created?

  275. Zones Merge Together

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