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  1. Most Important Articles 

    1. Recent Knowledgebase Updates List
    2. OptiSurface Designer Release Notes
    3. Not Seeing the .gps File on Trimble FMX
  2. News and Press 

    1. Latest OptiSurface News Is On Twitter
    2. OptiSurface In Press
    3. OptiSurface in Press: Farm Forum Magazine
    4. OptiSurface in Press: Brownfield AgNews - The Benefits of Reshaping Fields
    5. OptiSurface in Press: PrecisionAg Buyer's Guide - How to Improve Farm Profit With GPS Landforming
  3. Testimonials 

    1. Farmer Testimonials
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  4. OptiSurface Designer V2 Guide 

    1. 1 Introduction
    2. 2 Getting to Know OptiSurface Designer
    3. 2.1 Tool Bars
    4. 2.2 Navigating In OptiSurface Designer
    5. 2.3 Topographic Surface Properties Dialog
  5. Procedures 

    1. Showing Elevation Figures in Cut/Fill Map
    2. Adding A Master Benchmark
    3. Step-By-Step Drainage Analysis Procedure
    4. Step-By-Step Runoff Analysis Procedure
    5. Exporting an Image and Importing into APEX
  6. Example Designs 

    1. Example 1: Sugarland with OptiSurface1D
    2. Example 2: Smooth Curves with OptiSurface1D
    3. Example 3: African Pivot with OptiSurface2D
    4. Example 4: To Ditch or Not to Ditch using OptiSurface 4D
    5. Example 5: Lay of the Land with OptiSurface 4D
  7. Licensing and Credits 

    1. Third Party Software Acknowledgements
    2. Error Codes for Licenses
    3. How to Check Your OptiSurface Webstore Credit Count
    4. OptiSurface Incab Activation Steps
    5. Activating OSDv2.2 with New Credits
  8. Video Tutorials 

    1. Importing the gps File to Trimble FMX or FM-1000
    2. Moving the Benchmark to Align with the Field with Trimble FM-1000 or FMX
    3. Exporting Survey from TopCon AgForm3D for OptiSurface Import
    4. Navigation in with the User Interface
    5. Editing Points
  9. Tips and Tricks 

    1. Trimble Field Level II Do Not Show the .gps File
    2. Minimum Recommended Smoothing Distance For Export To Trimble Field Level 2
    3. GPS Base Station Setup For Best Vertical Accuracy
    4. Coordinate System Differences with Different GPS Systems
    5. How to Survey with Trimble FMX
  10. General 

    1. GPS Accuracy Affected by Solar Activities
    2. Is OptiSurface Compatible with John Deere?
    3. Is GPS Accurate Compared to Laser?
    4. Is Cellular RTK Networks Accurate Enough for GPS Landforming?
    5. Error 5013: Activation Failed
  11. Troubleshooting 

    1. Cannot Calculate with OSDv2.5
    2. Activating OptiSurface Designer and Firewall Parameters
    3. GPS Not Working For OptiSurface Cloud
    4. Slight Shift in Google Background Image
    5. OptiSurface Designer on Windows 10
  12. OptiSurface Designer v1.4 Guide 

    1. 1 Introduction
    2. 2 Getting to Know OptiSurface Designer
    3. 2.1 Tool Bars
    4. 2.2 Navigating in OptiSurface Designer
    5. 2.3 Auto-BackUp Files
  13. All articles 

    1. 1 Introduction
    2. Runoff Analysis
    3. Recent Knowledgebase Updates List
    4. Example 1: Sugarland with OptiSurface1D
    5. 1 Introduction
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